Law Prom

by Lesley on February 7, 2007 · 1 comment

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Winter means a lack of weddings which is a plus for our checking account but a major bummer for those of us that like to get dressed up and dance. King Hall hosted a Law School Prom last weekend and we couldn’t resist going because a. Sacramento has few winter weekend options (see last post) and b. I really wanted to meet all Jonathan’s friends at school. So we partied the night away and had a lot of fun. Afterwards, I insisted we stay up late and watch Grey’s Anatomy in bed. We don’t have a TV in our room so watching anything in our room is a little treat because its so cozy! Anyway, the weekend was off to a great start until I got hit with the stomach flu very very early Saturday morning and spent the entire rest of the weekend on the couch. It was my first time sick since being married and Jonathan passed all tests relating to that one vow… in sickness and health or something like that…. He got me 7Up, rubbed my back, and jumped at my every weak demand. “Joooonnnnathan? I neeeeeeeed youuuuuu……” (in whiny voice). The best news though? It’s February and February is my birthday month! I LOVE FEBRUARY! I tend to think the entire thing is all about me, which I know is sorta narcissistic but oh well. I also started my new job as a public relations and event coordinator at an advertising agency in Rocklin, about 30 minutes from our house. So far, I love it and I have never been so grateful and thankful. God really stretched me the last six months in faith and trust. I’ll have to write more on this soon!

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Paige Kearin
Paige Kearin

Glad to hear your feeling better and your husband passed the "sick" test! Great picture of you and Jonathan.