Winter Weekend

by Lesley on January 29, 2007 · 0 comments

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I think the entire month of January has been sunny. But, its not the kind of sunny I like. To me, sunny means warm, inviting, and playful. Sacramento sunny is cold and teasing. For an entire two weeks this month, the temperature dropped into the 20s! Sharon and I tried so hard to continue our strict running regimen but finally one morning, bundled in three layers, hats, and mittens, we decided to take some time off. I don’t think people should have to go outside when its this cold! All that to say, we received a small respite this weekend and took full advantage of the warmer temps…

On Friday night, Jonathan and I saw The Painted Veil at the old Crest theatre downtown. The Crest is on K Street, right near the Capitol. K Street will someday be cool, but right now its a rundown area of town with a movie theatre, brew house and a lot of homeless people. It’s really a shame actually that no one has cleaned this area up because Sacramento desperately needs a downtown. Rumor is that K Street has been bought and will soon be redeveloped. So, we saw The Painted Veil- its a story set in 1920s China and for that reason alone, I loved it. I highly recommend the movie- the scenery is beautiful. We came home and ended up playing several rounds of Canasta on our bed. For those of you who know me, I used to HATE games. Probably because I don’t pick up on them very quickly and I hate losing. But, everyone up here loves games and I saw no choice but to suck it up and learn to participate. On Saturday, Jonathan and I made omelets and met our friends at McKinley Park to play 3 on 3 soccer. Another couple saw us playing and ended up joining us. We really enjoyed getting to know them and I scored 2 goals! Our day just kept going, as we lazed around and drank hot chocolate, made a huge barbecue steak dinner at Sam and Sharon’s and then moved on over to the Kiely’s for dessert. Peach always has a million options in the sweet department and I left full and happy. Then we all watched You, Me and Dupree. I love Kate Hudson and that’s all that needs to be said.

I got domestic last night and made baked potato soup. I’m eating some of the leftovers right now and I’m really thankful I’m not on a diet because I think the soup would be worth about a million Weight Watcher points.
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