A "Sac Francisco" New Years

by Lesley on January 2, 2007 · 0 comments

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The Sacramento Crew spent New Years Eve in San Francisco, courtesty of Eric and Camille. Here’s a view from the top of Camille’s grandpa’s condo on Nobb Hill, where we watched fireworks and listened to the entire city ring in the New Year.
It was really special to spend all evening together, eating pizza, drinking champagne and playing a ton of games. (Mafia, anyone?) From left to right: Jeremiah and Kristi, Sam and Sharon, Eric and Camille, Jonathan and Lesley, Brent and Erica.

And the girls! We’re all bundled up but for San Francisco, it was a relatively warm night!

We spent some of New Years Eve day participating in Camille’s version of “The Amazing Race”… all of us raced around the city looking for clues. Kristi and Jeremiah got the first place prize- the queen bed. The rest of us camped out on the floor for the night. This morning we got breakfast at a cute Dutch cafe and then walked through Chinatown, where Jonathan and I made everyone sample Egg Tarts. They weren’t as good as the authentic Chinese versions!

Check out the view of the Golden Gate bridge behind us! Isn’t it a gorgeous day in the City? Can you believe it’s January?
Tonight Jonathan and I spent time in front of the fireplace, next to our very dead tree, talking about the best of 2006 and our goals for 2007. If I could summarize one word for 2006, I’d have to say STRETCHING. This past year was one of major transitions- from taking a risk to quit our jobs and move to China, to spending a summer with our parents in Orange County, to a surprise last minute acceptance to UC Davis Law, to a Fall filled with nervous anxiety over finding a job… I leave 2006 with a small sigh of relief and a big sense of accomplishment all at the same time. I look forward with TRUST as my main motivator and focus– Trust in a God that knows my future, that has control, that provides our needs. Jonathan and I “prayed in” the New Year for the first time. I couldn’t help but think about all my girlfriends, each ringing in the year in their own homes and with their own friends and families. I’ve never felt a stronger desire to pray for their year and our year ahead. As the streets below us echoed with cheers and whistles, I couldn’t help but notice the relief and the hope in the noise. So many look back over their year with feelings of regret and pain. So many hope for a better next year, a chance to start over. What are you going to do this year to make it better than the last? What did you learn last year that you want to continue this year?

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