Go Hawks!!

by Lesley on November 22, 2006 · 0 comments

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Last weekend really felt like fall- the perfect combination of crisp weather, friends, family and football. I gave Jonathan tickets to the 49ers/Seahawks game in San Francisco for his birthday. Its a second annual event with Nathan Walker, and fabulous and famous brother Matt Miller (whom, I shall add, is carrying on the Miller legacy strong as a freshman in Page. Jonathan and I have the coolest siblings ever). Anyway, most of Saturday was spent in front of the TV with all the boys crowding around eating burgers and shouting a lot. I sort of hid out in Jonathan’s “office” (the laundry room that has been converted to his space). I admit, I was working on my Christmas list. Ever heard of www.kaboodle.com? Super cool. I’m addicted. Basically, for listmakers, you can create all your wishlists online for yourself. I always have a book wish list going; either to buy or check out at the library. With kaboodle, I just find the item online and add it to my personal website. Anyhoo, I’m off track now and feeling really selfish. Sooooo we gave Nate and Matt the official Sacramento tour which includes playing bocci ball on the Capitol lawn, and a tour of the building. No, we didn’t play bocci ball in the Capitol itself, although that would be sweet. On Sunday the guys were gone all day at the game, where unfortunately, the Hawks lost. Sob. I was sad. I stayed home and baked and cleaned, wrapping up my weekend feeling like a big loser housewife. I have become domestic at 24. Yikes. Look close at the picture above- Jonathan is sporting a nasty thin moustache just to make me mad. Gross.

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