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Spontaneity is something that Jonathan taught me, little by little, in our last six years together. I’ll admit, I’m a planner. Its my thing. I like lists because I like scratching off all the things that I’ve accomplished, making me feel like, well, I’ve accomplished something. So, when something that’s not on my list surfaces, I sometimes have quiet inner panics. Jonathan does not do lists. This is why I married him.

Last Saturday we realized it was our final chance for a hot summer weekend spent camping in Tahoe. I couldn’t bear keeping our camping equipment stored away for another year. We could have let the opportunity pass us by, which logically speaking made waaaaayyyy more sense. We would have saved $40 in gas money, our $20 campsite, and all that grocery money spent making sure I was covered in the s’mores department. But, fortunately, we ran with our last minute, crazy idea to pack up the civic and trek to Tahoe. We caught a beautiful sunset over the most beautiful lake I think I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was standing on a Hawaii beach watching the last piece of summer slip away. That night we made Hobo Joes- a fatty mix of meat, onions, hash browns, peppers and salsa wrapped inside foil and roasted over the camp fire. Mmmmm, mmmm good. Our new tent and sleeping bags stood the weather test; we were toasty warm the whole night. (Ok, a little too toasty… we both tossed and turned for most of the night. Warning- don’t go for an 8 mile run the morning you go camping. It doesn’t bode well.) But all in all, we loved our camping time together, alone and away from school and job searching (yes, I’m still unemployed and I don’t want to talk about it). I’ll also point out that camping should be required of all couples getting married. The patience and teamwork required in even a small camping trip can be a test. (grumble grumble)

This weekend we got to see my parents, who stopped by with “The Zeppelin” on their way to Napa. The Zeppelin is their new Airstream trailer, which we all think is really funny and cute. We scored a great Japanese dinner and ice cream, proudly showed off the new apartment to Mom and even invited ourselves for some wine tasting on Saturday. Don’t you love parents?

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